Wednesday, April 25, 2007


everyone that i know that goes to another school is done. why is that? we started before labor day, when most started after. i just don't understand why we have to go one more week. its very frusterating because i reallllly want, no, NEED to get out of here. my roommate is driving me crazy. to the point where her just existing is annoying. yes, yes. i know, only 7 days left. BUT ITS NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH!

another thing thats not fair is the fact that i was scheduled by the university to enroll in classes tomorrow. its not fair because most other people have already enrolled, meaning that a lot of classes are already full. so i am stuck with the short straw. luckily most of the classes i need have not filled up, but a couple of my labs have. and that makes things difficult. but wouldn't it make sense to leave a couple spots open for the people who are assigned to sign up last? i mean come on.

i'm looking forward to:
interestingly enough, finals week.
thursday may 3rd at 10 am=GOING HOME!
saturday may 5th=GARAGE SALE DAY!
thursday may 10th=flying down to VA for the summer.

i'm sure it will just fly by, but right now, its moving at a snail's pace. i need some sunshine.

here are my clog slippers that i finished. i still have to felt them, and i'm debating whether or not i should do it here. because i realllllly want to felt them, so i can have them. here's a picture of my unfelted clogs.

yes, they are mismatched. i used up my leftover yarn from my pinwheel sweater. i like them a lot. and i think they will be nice and warm, and good for walking to the bathroom next year. i'll post a pic of the felted ones when i actual felt them.

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