Monday, April 16, 2007

alright already.

17 days until i am done with my freshman year. oh man. i am so ready to get out of here.

my roommate thinks she has appendicitis. i think she might too. i feel bad for her, kinda. i've realised that the reason this whole situation bugs me so bad is that we were supposed to be friends. like we were supposed to be those roommates you see only once in a while. that get along really well, and end up being friends for a long time. because its not like i was put in with her, i chose to move in here, thinking that it would be great. and now that its not, it makes it even worse that she is annoying, and that she leaves all the time. i dunno. but i've been thinking about it.

on saturday i had an interview for a receptionsit job for my res. hall next year. it went pretty well, the manager guy said that they were hiring 32 people and there were less people there than that. so he said that we all basically have a job. i will find out for sure on wednesday. it was held in Abbot, my res hall next year, and so i went up to the third floor and looked around, and saw the door of my room. it is very exciting.

in knitting news, i am still working on my striped raglan sweater. i have about 11 1/2 inches of the body done. it was weird, because i last measured it when i only had about 6 1/2 inches done, and then i measure again last night and suddenly i have 11 1/2 inches! weird! but i guess it goes pretty fast. i will take a pic later and post it. i'm a little surprised in myself that i haven't already put it down and started something else. but its really easy to do, and i want to see it done!

so i'm off to class.

here's my sweater as of 10:40 pm. i now have about 14 inches, and i'm going to start the ribbing soon. how exciting!

jackie went to the hospital i guess. i called her to see what was going on, but it went to her voicemail. i really do hope she is ok, as much as i don't like her i don't want anything bad to happen to her. we'll see i guess. goodnight!


Alison Kay said...

good lookin' sweater!
man. it's crazy that you're almost done with your first year!! (i'm almost done with my own first year, too!)

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you had a great year and just like the rest of us in the education world, you're ready to take a good long break!

Great hat and sweater! See you at the garage sale weekend!