Friday, May 16, 2008

oh my, i'm sure it's time for an update!

well well well, a lot has been going on. well...i guess more than usual. so, i took my finals, and everything went well. i moved back home and am now settled back into kalamazoo life.

i've started working back at Heritage, the retirement community i worked at during high school. it's been pretty good so far. just like riding a bike, you never really forget how to serve old people. haha. things have changed a bit, but it's a good job for the summer.

yesterday was very exciting in that i went to Grand Rapids to see Barack Obama. it was amazing, and John Edwards showed up to endorse Obama. we really thought that they were going to say they were running mates, they did everything but. it was a really good day. i might upload pictures, but it takes a very long time to upload them on here. so maybe tomorrow when my head does not hurt.

i am excited for june because we are going down to Virginia! 29 days! i'm counting down because i really can't wait to see ali and david. also, Virginia is a pretty nice place.

an update on my summer reading: i have finished the second book of the Twilight series, New Moon, and am now on the third one, Eclipse. it's going ok, although i find myself being very annoyed and literally laughing out loud at some points. but i will get through it within the next couple of days and move on. i ordered some books from amazon. i got An Abundance of Katherines (which i cannot wait for, if Looking for Alaska was any indication of the awesomeness that is John Green, then i will surely love Katherines)i also got Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell, whom i love, The Way the Crow Flies and Tomcat in Love, which are suggestions of jess. i am excited for my new books. yay for reading!

i have also started an herb garden. i will take some pictures tomorrow and upload them along with my Obama ones. i have dill, basil, chive, peppermint and oregano. i also got two striped tomato plants and a sweet banana pepper plant. i hope they grow and produce something!

ok, i think thats all that is exciting enough for this blog. goodnight!

ETA: here are the pictures i promised. (actually, i'm not going to upload pics of my garden because 1) i haven't taken pictures of it because i'm lazy and 2) because, like i said, it takes a very long time to upload them on here and to upload from my camera to my computer. sorry)

these are kind of dark and grainy, but still amazing. i love the ones with both of them in it! obama/edwards 2008!