Wednesday, November 05, 2008

wow, two posts in a row! what?!

ok! i felt like blogging again. obviously this is going to be about last night.


that's seriously all i have to say. he did it, we did it. it is amazing. McCain's speech was amazing, like everyone is saying, gracious, humble, respectful. if only he would have run his campaign like this, last night would have been a lot better. i've always had respect for him, but it really wavered during the campaign. he sounded like the old McCain, the one before he got the nom. but anyway, after studying for a good chunk of yesterday i just decided to stop for the night and watch the returns. i was so surprised when they called it at 11 pm. and Obama's speech was amazing as well. i'm so proud of this country, despite the haters. the first black president. the shots of the celebrations around the world make me feel so good, i love that people of the world will like us again!

what's also amazing to me is all the hate from the non-Obama people. serious, serious hate. it's crazy. alison made a good point in saying that this always happens when a dem is president. i guess. but everyone needs to just shut their mouths and listen to Obama when he says that now is the time for unity, and they need to listen to their own freaking candidate when he says the same thing. UGH! they make me so mad, and are kinda ruining this for me. i know there are tons more people out there who like and support Obama, obviosuly, but still.

anyway, in good news, my physics exam this morning was surprisingly easy. well easier than the first one. i don't think i'm going to get 100%, but at least a 66%, and that's definitely an improvement. also, Alison and David decided today that they are going to come up for Thanksgiving! i was already looking forward to Thanksgiving for the food and time at home, but now its like x bajillion excitement.

ok, here is my 6 Quirky Things List
1. Following the sidewalk trend, i tend to try to walk equal number of steps between the cracks. like two or three steps between sidewalk squares.
2. My number 2 is the same as ali's. i have to check the lock at least once before i go to bed.
3. I can usually learn the jingles from TV ads after one or two viewings and so whenever they come on, and i'm alone, i sing along.
4. My room can be a mess until a certain point. my desk can have papers all over it and notebooks and books, but usually i can only stand it for a week to a week and a half, then i just have to straighten it up.
5. I usually wake up a couple times a night and check the time. i get paranoid that i will somehow miss my alarm, or it won't go off. it's very annoying.
6. Everytime i get on the internet i have to go through a certain order of the sites i visit daily. they are all on my bookmarks bar, but i don't go down the line, i just know what ones i go to and when.

whew. i'm not going to tag anyone because i can't really think of anyone to tag. ok, i'm tired and i'm going to watch some Gilmore Girls.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


ok, ok. i know. i promised an update like...two months ago? sorry. i really am very busy. school is kicking my butt this semester and it's not fun. but i just had to update today to say:


yes! i voted in my very first, and very historical, presidential election. it was very exciting! i went to my voting place at 10:30 this morning and only stood in line for about 2 minutes. i was so proud to see Obama's name on the ballot and my completed arrow next to it. i was number 543, so that's over 500 people before noon! wow! after voting i went over to Krispy Kreme, for my free donut, then over to Starbucks for my free coffee! i love free stuff for being a good citizen and practicing my right to vote! hurrah!

today i have to study for a physics exam tomorrow. i studied for a total of 9 hours this weekend, so hopefully i will at least get a 60% on this test. physics is not my thing, and that is an understatement. oh well, this semester is almost over.

another exciting thing is that i'm starting this project on flickr called 365. it's where i take a picture of me or of something everyday for the next year. i really hope that i can keep up with it. i've seen a lot of really cool ones, and have been inspired. check out my very first picture:

if you want to see my 365 pictures, just go to my flickr and click on my 365 set.

alison, i know you tagged me for doing the quirky things list and i will do that next time i blog, which i promise will not be months from now. i have to go study and i have procrastinated enough! that is all!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

oh lord.

my, my! how i have neglected my poor little blog. i will have a massive update soon i hope, once i take pictures and stop being lazy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

happy birthday dad!

today is my dad's birthday! happppy birthday! we're going to Carraba's tonight for dinner, i'm pretty excited.

so i started a sweater about 2 weeks ago. it's called the February Lady Sweater. it's so cute! i can't wait until i'm done with it! i have the body finished, and have to start on the sleeves. hopefully i will actually finish this one. i think i will because i really want it to wear. i'll post some pictures on here this time.

the side, and the detail of the lace. it's a bit blurry, sorry.

what the front looks like.

i'm calling it the Doctor Sweater because i have been watching Doctor Who and it's spin-off, Torchwood, while knitting. a lot of the sweater is repeticious so it's nice to have something to watch while knitting. i'm almost done with Torchwood, so hopefully i will continue on without it.

Doctor Who has become one of my favorite shows. for those of you who don't know what it is, it's a British show about a 900 year-old Time Lord who flies through time and space in his ship, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). He basically saves the world/other planets/universe from aliens in every episode with his varied companions. it started back in the '60s, went off the air in the '80s, then came back in 2005. there have been 10 different actors playing the Doctor (because the Doctor can regenerate), but i find this one to be my favorite:

it's a really great show.

i've gotten quite behind on my reading due to Doctor Who and knitting. i finished The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett just recently and also the two books by Maureen Johnson i mentioned in my last post.
Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson 323 pgs
The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson 370 pgs
The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett 368 pgs
total pages read this summer: 4,658 pgs
woooo! i am now reading Persepolis 2 and The Catcher in the Rye. i'm reading The Catcher in the Rye again because of this:

i wish that i could go see John in Spring Lake on monday, but i have to work! booo! but John and Hank Green are planning on going on a Nerdfighters Tour and they will probably come to MI again so i will see them then!

ok, this is quite enough to put in a post. kbye!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

an update.

ok, time for a post. we went to VA for a week, it was really, really great. our week was packed full of stuff to do. i have pictures, but i have not put them up on flickr yet. yes, i have a flickr, i will post a link to it farther down. i am going to post pictures on there from now on because it just takes so long to do it through blogger. it was so great to see ali and david and be back in the lovely state of Virginia.

just one more thing about our trip. on the way back we stopped at Monticello. it was sooooo amazing. i want to live there. the house was beautiful and amazing, and his gardens were just wonderful. the view was breathtaking, i didn't want to leave.

his garden inspired me to keep gardening, it was just amazing. so this leads me to taking pictures of my own little garden. i have a sweet pepper plant and i have a little pepper growing! also, my second tomato plant is HUGE! and blossoming like crazy! soon we will have pretty striped tomatoes! my other tomato plant in the box is kinda dead, but i think it is coming back to life. the boxes got flooded when we got all that rain, so i think the plants drowned a little. my oregano is pretty much gone, and the peppermint is taking over! my chives and basil are still going strong, my chives have a beautiful purple blossom on it. my dill died long ago, sadly. so i guess i'm doing ok with my veggie/herb garden.

a book update: i have finished/read three more books since i last updated.
This Lullaby by Sara Dessen 352 pgs
Water for Elephants by Sarah Guen 335 pgs
Bel Canto by Ann Patchett 318 pgs
which brings my total to: 3,597 pgs.
Bel Canto was simply amazing, probably up there on my favorite books of all time. the story is so engrossing and it's hard to put down. it also made me want to learn about opera. so i checked out a book and an opera on CD, Rigoletto, from the library. currently i am reading Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson. i got another book by her, the sequel to Peeps by Scott Westerfeld and two more books by Ann Patchett. i also started Salt, which is very interesting, but kind of dense, so i see that as a book that i can read in segments and come back to every now and then.

ok, so i actually have some stuff to say about knitting! i have been in a slump yet again, but jess inspired me to start up crocheting and knitting again. i finished the crocheted bathmat (pictures on my flickr) i also made two hats, the couvercle and the amanda hat. last night i finished and felted a bowl! it's pretty sweet, used up some of my rough wool yarn. it will be nice in our apartment!

today i organized my out-of-control yarn stash. i separated out the yarn that i will not use to trade/give away on Ravelry, a knitting/crocheting social networking site. i also separated out all the acryllic yarn that i can use for my slowly coming crocheted afghan. i also put all my WIPs and completed projects in a bin. my yarn stash is a lot smaller now. i guess i better get more yarn! haha!

another thing happened today, my aunt had a heart attack. she's doing great now, but one of her arteries was totally blocked. luckily they were able to put a stint in and unblock it. i am really happy she's ok. she's diabetic, so that kind of brought all this on. hopefully now she will take of herself better, and eat better and exercise more. i also hope that this will inspire my cousin to do the same.

i am pretty much ready to quit my job, it's getting ridiculous. i'm not going to go into here because i am just tired of talking about it. i only have about a month left working there, so i think i will be able to make it. i am actually looking forward to going back to school! i know i will think back to these days of nothing in the fall and wish i still was doing that, but whatever. i think i am more excited about our apartment. 38 days until we move in! yayayay!

alright, well i think that was a pretty thorough update! make sure to look at the pictures on my flickr! <3

Friday, June 06, 2008


i have very high aspirations for this summer. specifically my summer reading. i officially started my reading list on May 3rd. so far, this is my list:
New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer (i'm not linking to these because...well i'm sure nobody reading this blog will actually want to read them)
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld
Feed by M.T. Anderson

most of these are young adult or "teen" fiction. but i really enjoy YA fiction, especially in the summer. they are pretty good, most of the time (steph meyer i am looking at you). i really like Scott Westerfeld and Maureen Johnson, and of course you already know how i feel about John Green. but i'm on my last YA book from the library, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. i thought it was going to be really sappy and stuff, but i actually like it a lot. i'm half-way through, and will probably finish it tonight. then i'm starting Bel Canto by Ann Patchett (amazon is not working right now, so no more links). Ms. Bowser recommended it to me, and i picked it up.

anyway, so i've read 8 books in one month. 2,592 pages so far. i didn't set a goal for myself, i just have a very long list and am going to try to make it through by the time school starts. maybe june will be adult books, haha. i'll see how fast i can get through those. i'm not saying that YA books are any easier to get through, but they probably are. i dunno. the point is that i'm reading, right?

so, i was feeling really down that i was in such a knitting rut, i was looking through my books for something to make. and i came upon a crocheted bathmat. and i thought that i could do that, so i started it. i'm about half-way through, except my yarn keeps getting tangled and i'm really annoyed. but anyway, i am on a crocheting kick right now, i learned how to make granny squares so i am making a bunch of those with yarn i already have to hopefully make into an afghan. we'll see how that goes. oh! i have a picture.

i quite like this square. its purple with the DAZZLE yarn i got! i love it.

well, it's about a week until we head down to VA. so close! even more time to read on the way down! yes!

Friday, May 16, 2008

oh my, i'm sure it's time for an update!

well well well, a lot has been going on. well...i guess more than usual. so, i took my finals, and everything went well. i moved back home and am now settled back into kalamazoo life.

i've started working back at Heritage, the retirement community i worked at during high school. it's been pretty good so far. just like riding a bike, you never really forget how to serve old people. haha. things have changed a bit, but it's a good job for the summer.

yesterday was very exciting in that i went to Grand Rapids to see Barack Obama. it was amazing, and John Edwards showed up to endorse Obama. we really thought that they were going to say they were running mates, they did everything but. it was a really good day. i might upload pictures, but it takes a very long time to upload them on here. so maybe tomorrow when my head does not hurt.

i am excited for june because we are going down to Virginia! 29 days! i'm counting down because i really can't wait to see ali and david. also, Virginia is a pretty nice place.

an update on my summer reading: i have finished the second book of the Twilight series, New Moon, and am now on the third one, Eclipse. it's going ok, although i find myself being very annoyed and literally laughing out loud at some points. but i will get through it within the next couple of days and move on. i ordered some books from amazon. i got An Abundance of Katherines (which i cannot wait for, if Looking for Alaska was any indication of the awesomeness that is John Green, then i will surely love Katherines)i also got Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell, whom i love, The Way the Crow Flies and Tomcat in Love, which are suggestions of jess. i am excited for my new books. yay for reading!

i have also started an herb garden. i will take some pictures tomorrow and upload them along with my Obama ones. i have dill, basil, chive, peppermint and oregano. i also got two striped tomato plants and a sweet banana pepper plant. i hope they grow and produce something!

ok, i think thats all that is exciting enough for this blog. goodnight!

ETA: here are the pictures i promised. (actually, i'm not going to upload pics of my garden because 1) i haven't taken pictures of it because i'm lazy and 2) because, like i said, it takes a very long time to upload them on here and to upload from my camera to my computer. sorry)

these are kind of dark and grainy, but still amazing. i love the ones with both of them in it! obama/edwards 2008!