Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i guess it would be nice.

i've started a sweater. it's a top down raglan, meaning that i knit it from the top down. its super easy! and no seaming when i'm done, hurray for that! i'm using Red Heart Soft in a minty green and chocolate brown. i really like it, and it only cost me about $12. usually i don't use Red Heart, because i can be a bit of a yarn snob, but i quite like the soft version of it. and for $2.99, how can i not use it? here's a picture of my progress.

i took that yesterday afternoon, and i worked on it pretty much all night. i did a whole green stripe and am about half way through a brown stripe. i am almost done with the increasing rows, and then i will be able to go on to the body. how exciting!

jess and i are kinda doing a knit-a-long. she is knitting a cardigan though. we went to JoAnn's and Michael's yesterday and i bought a skein of Lion Brand Wool to finish up my felted slippers. i finished one, but didn't feel like starting the other one. they are mismatched, but that makes me love them more. i can't wait to felt them and use them next year!

i just finished this book, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. it was really good. i want to read it again, because i want to kinda put the pieces together. its definitely something that i would buy and read again and again. next i'm going to read Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser. he wrote Fast Food Nation and i really enjoyed that. this one is about the black market in america, i hope its as good as FFN.

kaitie is coming up tomorrow night and hanging out because we are going to see RENT! i'm very excited! i can't wait to see her, and it will fun to have her up here!

i do not like the fact that it is snowing today. or that it is cold. why? yesterday turned out very nice, and now its 30 degrees? weird. but its michigan, what should i expect, eh?

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