Thursday, May 03, 2007



hurray, hurrah! this week didn't go by super fast, actually monday was quite long. but other than that this week was ok. all my finals were alright. i don't think i failed any of them, but i'm not so sure about my math or chem final. but overall i think everything will turn out ok.

so i've decided that when i leave this room in the next hour or so, i am also leaving all my bad feelings about this whole semester here. i don't want to carry those feelings around with me. also i don't want to talk about my roommate anymore. yeah, it kinda sucked, but it definitely could've been worse. and this type of thing happens all the time to many people in college. everything that has annoyed me in the past week, month, semester i've decided to put into a "box" and that "box" is staying here. whew. i'll be glad of it.

anyway, i leave for WILLIAMSBURG, VA in a week! wooo! i'm very excited! hopefully i'll be able to see all the people i want to see this week, but theres also some time in august to hang out.

so long to this room, and my first year of college. its been weird, fun, hard, interesting, but most of all, its been real...haha. but really i'm not that sad to be leaving. i'm on to bigger and better things. mm hmm.

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Jessica said...

we deserve an award, or something. getting through froshie year of college is pretty intense business.

but yes! next year! no, not mira...IRAAAAAAAAAAAA)@#&@)#&)@#& (&D&DS(FYA!!!!!!!!!!!1