Wednesday, May 16, 2007

summer part 1: DC (whole lotta pictures)

so i am here in Williamsburg, VA. its been great so far! i flew down to DC last thursday, and i think that someone doesn't want me to come down here because this is the second time my flight has been delayed. lovely fog! but other than that it was fine. i flew into Ronald Reagan, which is soo much better than Dulles! we flew right by everything! we went right downtown after i got in, and we walked around and saw the sights. i'm gonna show you some pictures now.
one side of the white house.

yay for tourists!

capitol building!

other side of white house.

lincoln memorial.

world war II memorial, it was really nice, and way bigger than this.

mr. lincoln himself.

washington monument from the lincoln memorial.

me squishing the washing monument! yes!

you can see the washington monument reflected in the vietnam memorial.

whew, thats a lot. but it was fun. and hot. it was really warm that day. it was also a little surreal to see all of these things. it was hard for me to actually comprehend that i was actually there, seeing this historic place. i've seen it all before right? movies, TV, ya know. but i liked it.

i also go myself a job here in williamsburg! its going to be great. i'm working at the movie theater that is right by the apartment. they give employees and family free movies! yes! i won't have to pay for any movies this summer! which is awesome. i start tomorrow (thursday). starting a job is always a little nerve wracking, but i feel okay about it.

in knitting news, i finally decided what to do with some alpaca silk that i had lying around. oh yes, i decided that i wanted to make the Anthropologie Inspired Scarf. so i started it last night, and since it is knit horizontally, that means i needed to cast on enough stitches to make it long enough. i ended up with about 328 stitches. yeah. not so fun, but i really think it would be a nice and cushy scarf! i am going to soilder through, its only about 28 rows. ugh, wish me luck. here's a pic of my three rows. its a little dark, but you can see allllll those stitches! fun fun!

anyway, i have to do some laundry. yaaayyy!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

totally knitting related!

ok, so i felted my slippers! they turned out great! i can't wait to use them. here's some pictures:

last night i made a double pointed needle roll. i wanted to take my needles and stuff down to VA with me, but they were everywhere. so i made this to keep them all together. the poodle fabric is on the back, the plaid is on the inside, with the polka-dot fabric is the pocket. it was really easy, i just made it up as i went.

it works great for right now! i think i am going to practice sewing and make a more intricate one later. i'm excited! this time tomorrow i will be in DC with my sister! wooo!

Thursday, May 03, 2007



hurray, hurrah! this week didn't go by super fast, actually monday was quite long. but other than that this week was ok. all my finals were alright. i don't think i failed any of them, but i'm not so sure about my math or chem final. but overall i think everything will turn out ok.

so i've decided that when i leave this room in the next hour or so, i am also leaving all my bad feelings about this whole semester here. i don't want to carry those feelings around with me. also i don't want to talk about my roommate anymore. yeah, it kinda sucked, but it definitely could've been worse. and this type of thing happens all the time to many people in college. everything that has annoyed me in the past week, month, semester i've decided to put into a "box" and that "box" is staying here. whew. i'll be glad of it.

anyway, i leave for WILLIAMSBURG, VA in a week! wooo! i'm very excited! hopefully i'll be able to see all the people i want to see this week, but theres also some time in august to hang out.

so long to this room, and my first year of college. its been weird, fun, hard, interesting, but most of all, its been real...haha. but really i'm not that sad to be leaving. i'm on to bigger and better things. mm hmm.