Saturday, June 30, 2007

summer part 2: family visit, first sock!, workin'.

well, its been a while. but i've been busy. my parents and cousin came to visit us. it was a blast. it was great to see them and we had a lot of fun. we went to the ocean! It was tons of fun! i don't really remember the first time we went to the ocean, only that it was reallllly salty. it was still reallllly salty, but the waves were HUGE! and it was really fun/scary to swim in them.

i've been working a lot lately, which is ok i guess. i think i've been transitioned to box office from now on, or at least this whole weekend and part of the week basically. we had a meeting today just to basically tell us that we need to get motivated. it might just be an age thing, or maybe its because of my first job, but i've noticed that i don't need to be told to do things, like wipe down counters, or sweep the floor. i don't really want to be standing around the whole time, and i know that a lot of what the customers are looking at is if we have a clean place. so i look for things that need to be done. i dunno, but a lot of my co-workers don't do these things. its ok i guess, but i can see why the managers are frustrated.

anyway, i have finished my first sock! its lovely! i took a break from starting the next one, i figure i can do that on the train up to MI. it was pretty easy, i liked turning the heel, it was fun almost. haha.

oh yeah, alison and i are going up to MI for a couple days. i can't wait. i miss everyone, and kalamazoo. we're taking the train, which will be very exciting.

i also miss MSU, surprisingly. i think i just miss my two (haha) friends there. and the dairy store, and campus. and i am really excited for my room this fall! i have very good feelings about this school year.

i'm watching the Prairie Home Companion movie. i like it a lot. ali and i saw it in the theater. it reminds me of summer and the cottage. which we will be going to when we are in MI! another thing i am very excited for. good stuff.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

who's a pretty kitty?!

so far things have been pretty good. work is going alright, getting better because am working box more often, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than consessions! woo.

ali is done with school on thursday, thats exciting. we will be able to do more stuff. like go get manicures and pedicures for her birthday! hurray!

we went to the yarn store today! i got a hank of lorna's laces in the beautiful colorway Bittersweet. its a mix of magenta, purple and a peachy/orange color. i've started my first pair of socks, Monkeys from knitty. i hope everything goes well. i don't have enough for a whole pair of socks, so i am doing ankle length by only doing two repeats of the lace pattern on the top. we also went to this upscale consignment shop and ali found some really cute shoes!i took of a picture of the yarn while i was winding (by hand!! mom, dad, for my birthday you can get me a ball winder! haha) here it is. the colors are a bit off. the colors are a lot brighter, but they looked washed out in the picture. anyway, i love the yarn.

i made a tam also! i scrapped my anthropologie inspired scarf and opted for the Big Blue Beret pattern, once again from tragicherione. i used my alpaca silk and it is sooo soft! i alternated the green and the purple and it turned out quite nice. why yes, i do like wearing wooly hats in 90 degree weather, thank you for asking. i think its going to be nice for cold days on campus. plus it makes me feel cool.

i'm reading The Golden Compass right now. its by Phillip Pullman. its part of the His Dark Materials trilogy. they play the trailer for the movie all the time at work, it the movie looks awesome, so i thought i would read the books before the movie(s) come out. they are like child/teen fantasy, but its kinda like Harry Potter. i like it a lot so far, and i can't wait for the movie!

ali and i are watching the series Rome right now, and i am going to go back to my socks!