Sunday, November 25, 2007

i'm a bad blogger.

i'm bad at keeping this updated. but i will try harder. or not. we'll see.

everything has been pretty good. school got pretty stressful the week before thanksgiving, so it was nice to have 4 days of not doing anything. thanksgiving was good, just my parents and i. mom and i braved the stores on friday. we only went to Target, World Market and JoAnn's. at target i only wanted some Gilmore Girls, they had them on sale for $15! it was awesome, i got two seasons. mom got some other stuff, including christmas presents for ali and i. haha. at world market we got some cool stuff, as always. and joann's was crazy, but we got what we needed. it wasn't that bad. and we got pretty lucky with parking spots and finding secret checkouts at target!

the break was really great as i said, nice and relaxing and i made sure that i really savored my time at home. i kept busy with a special project that i will not mention here as it is a secret. i will post pictures at a later date though.

i'm pretty excited for winter break. two weeks of classes and then finals week. winter break should be great as ali and david are coming up on the 22nd. i am really excited to see them. christmas should be great this year. as ali mentions in her blog, i always try to find something perfect to give to people and always end up with something ok. so i really took time to think about what i wanted to give/make for people. i think i came up with some really great ideas. and i'm excited to give these things to my family and friends.

i got a new car! its a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. its a really nice car. a nice ruby red, so of course i named her Ruby. i drove back to school today all by myself! its not a bad drive, and it was pretty uneventful. i'm pretty happy about it.

oh! another thing i am excited about for winter break is going to see The Golden Compass with ali. whenever i see trailers for the movie on TV i get really excited! the movie looks like its going to be amazing, and i really hope it doesn't disapoint. i loved the books and i felt a real connection to them. it sounds cheesy but its true. the characters and the story are amazing and draw you in. if you're looking for a great read or a great gift to give, get the His Dark Materials trilogy! we're also going to try to see Sweeney Todd, which looks AWESOME!

i have to go to work in about a half an hour, so i better get ready for that. hopefully i will update this, but like i said, we'll see! haha.