Saturday, January 19, 2008

pardon me sir what's that awful stench? must be standing near an open trench.

soooo here i am again blogging monthly. oh well. i've been busy. kind of.

spring semester has been good so far. my classes look like they won't be as intensive as last semester, but i could be wrong. i guess i'm just thinking that because i don't have all science classes. we'll see.

my winter break was lovely. christmas was good, ali and david came up for a few days and we had a lot of fun. that fun is mostly becasue of the WII we got for christmas!! my mom kept it a secret for 6 months! good job mom! and she got us a few other games and 4 wii-motes and nunchucks. it was great.

over break i saw 5 movies! it was great because i never really go to the movies when i'm at school and there were so many movies i wanted to see. ali, david and i saw Sweeney Todd and the Golden Compass together. Sweeney was AMAZING and totally deserving of the golden globe it got. johnny depp was amazing as well. i just bought the soundtrack and i can't stop listening to it. the Golden Compass was good, out of order but good. the ending was off, but we'll see what they do with the second movie, if there is one, haha.

i also saw Juno, which i loved a lot. i also got the soundtrack of that and it is excellent. the movie is wonderful and i want to be friends with Ellen Page and Micharl Cera. Liz and i went to see Enchanted and I Am Legend. both were great. Enchanted was really cute, amy adams was great as a disney princess brought to life. I Am Legend was frightening and very very sad. will smith was great though.

so that basically sums up my break. it was nice to be home for the holidays.

i'm working a lot more this semester. a lot more on the weekends anyway. its kind of nice because then i'm not sitting around doing nothing.

i'm working again soon, i guess this is it. i will not make an empty promise to blog more, so i will blog next when i feel like it, haha.