Saturday, August 25, 2007

the weapon we have is LOVE!

its been a while since i posted. i am now at school, one more day before classes start. i love my room and living in Abbot. i think my job will be perfect during the semester.

my week of being home was pretty uneventful. i hung out and saw the people i wanted to, which was really nice. being home was good, i really enjoyed my time home before i left again. i guess i'm really growing up now that i am not home that much. it makes me sad, but i don't think home will be my home much longer. i mean, it always will be, but i will be moving on to an apartment or whatever. i really love kalamazoo.

like i said, i love having a single room. its pretty great. its nice and cozy. and my building is close to everything. which is awesome. my job is great, will be great. learning everything is a little daunting. there's a lot of stuff you have to do, lots of paperwork and keeping track of keys and money and such things. but i think i will be able to handle it.

i had a little bit of a crisis. i just felt like this semester is going to be very difficult. and i don't even know if i want to do what i thought i wanted to do anymore. more and more jess and i are considering the whole yarn shop idea. its pretty much our ideal. so i dunno. i could get a BA in zoology, which i would only need 64 more credits to achieve. i'm not sure what i would do with that before we get the yarn thing going. so who knows. i am going to take this semester to think about it, and try to decide so i can make the necessary changes by next semester.

i've been listening to Harry and the Potters pretty non-stop lately. they are really great. as the name suggests it is a rock band that sings songs about Harry Potter. there is a whole new genre of music based on the world of Harry Potter. its huge, i mean really huge. you should check them out. one of the taglines of wizard rock is: FIGHT EVIL, READ BOOKS! its pretty awesome.

speaking of HP, i loved Deathly Hallows. except for the epilogue. it was...well, i won't get into it. i don't want to spoil it for anyone.

thats about it. sums up my life since i left virginia. i'm going to try really hard this semester, like studying and reading. i dunno how well thats going to work out. but we'll see. wish me luck.