Friday, June 06, 2008


i have very high aspirations for this summer. specifically my summer reading. i officially started my reading list on May 3rd. so far, this is my list:
New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer (i'm not linking to these because...well i'm sure nobody reading this blog will actually want to read them)
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld
Feed by M.T. Anderson

most of these are young adult or "teen" fiction. but i really enjoy YA fiction, especially in the summer. they are pretty good, most of the time (steph meyer i am looking at you). i really like Scott Westerfeld and Maureen Johnson, and of course you already know how i feel about John Green. but i'm on my last YA book from the library, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. i thought it was going to be really sappy and stuff, but i actually like it a lot. i'm half-way through, and will probably finish it tonight. then i'm starting Bel Canto by Ann Patchett (amazon is not working right now, so no more links). Ms. Bowser recommended it to me, and i picked it up.

anyway, so i've read 8 books in one month. 2,592 pages so far. i didn't set a goal for myself, i just have a very long list and am going to try to make it through by the time school starts. maybe june will be adult books, haha. i'll see how fast i can get through those. i'm not saying that YA books are any easier to get through, but they probably are. i dunno. the point is that i'm reading, right?

so, i was feeling really down that i was in such a knitting rut, i was looking through my books for something to make. and i came upon a crocheted bathmat. and i thought that i could do that, so i started it. i'm about half-way through, except my yarn keeps getting tangled and i'm really annoyed. but anyway, i am on a crocheting kick right now, i learned how to make granny squares so i am making a bunch of those with yarn i already have to hopefully make into an afghan. we'll see how that goes. oh! i have a picture.

i quite like this square. its purple with the DAZZLE yarn i got! i love it.

well, it's about a week until we head down to VA. so close! even more time to read on the way down! yes!