Wednesday, April 16, 2008


this is a quick post before class. just a small update i guess.

there is 15 days left in the semester. i am pretty excited. my finals are looking pretty good, i'm not too stressed about them. i just want school to be over for this year. i am very excited about summer.

i get to sign up for classes today, and i am excited for some reason. i guess just like furthering my education, getting that much closer to graduating. but i also get a little anxious because my schedule always takes a long time to actually schedule, and we are assigned a time to sign up according to credits or something, so my time is a little late because i am only a sophomore and i just hope that i can get in to all the classes i need.

anyway, my parents told me some sad news yesterday. one of our cats, holly, is dying. they said that she doesn't eat or move much and that makes me really sad. she's about 16, but she doesn't look it. she used to be pretty fat, but has been losing weight lately. the last time i saw her she seemed fine, but who knows. she's so sweet and cute, always on my bed waiting for me at night. i hope that i get to see her this weekend when i go home, but my parents don't know if she will make it. just like when dinah died it's a reminder that my pets are getting older, just like me. i've had these cats my whole life basically, so its really weird for this to be happening. just like how my home is slowly turning into something else, and will become something else entirely in the next few years. it makes me sad, but i know it has to happen. i mean, home in kazoo will always be home, but you know, it changes.

other than that, nothing has really been happening. like i said i'm going home this weekend, i'm pretty excited because i haven't been home in a while. i have also been thinking a lot about what i'm going to be doing after i graduate, but that's another post for another time.

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