Friday, April 25, 2008

ahh! relief!

i am done with classes for the year! how exciting! this week went by very fast. i had my ISS final on thursday and then my last ecology exam today, so these past few nights have been filled with studying. but i feel good about them.

my finals week looks really good, for once. i only have two finals next week, one on tuesday, one on thursday. they are both later in the day, so i feel that i have a lot of time to study.

after my chem final on thursday, jess and i are going to This American Life Live! they are broadcasting a show live, through movie theaters! i am soooo excited! then i'm going home on friday morning.

jess is coming to kazoo for the westnedge hill garage sale on saturday so we can find some stuff for our apartment. woo!

i mentioned in my last post about my cat, holly. since that post she has died. it kind of makes me wonder if there is anything else going on to make two of our cats die in less than a year, but i know they are all getting old. she was a really great, loving cat, and i will miss her a lot.

i am officially going back to Heritage this summer. i have it all set up, i just have to go through orientation again. i'm a little nervous, but i think it will be fine.

i'm also very excited for our trip down to williamsburg this summer. i can't wait to see ali and david, and the wonderful town.

i must mention knitting to validate this "knitting blog". i have not done any knitting recently. i don't know why. i think i'm in a really big rut, and i just haven't felt like it. nothing has really caught my eye to knit, so whatever. i had to get a second storage thing for the yarn i accumulated this year. its kind of getting to be out of control. i think my knitting rut seems to have something to do with summer, whenever summer comes around i just don't feel like knitting wool hats. i know there are plenty more things to knit that are lighter and summery, but i don't know. i think i would rather read.

on to reading. i read the book Looking for Alaska by John Green over last weekend. its probably one of the most, if not the most, amazing books i have ever read. seriously. it is for teens and "young adults" but, i think everyone would be able to relate and enjoy it. also, i don't think i've ever cried so much over a book before. also, john green is one of brotherhood 2.0, so i may be a little biased, but whatever. my summer reading list is growing. i am looking to accomplish reading many books this summer, and hoping to read many different kinds of books. i have some poetry, some novels, the obligatory summer teen reading, and some nonfiction. i need more suggestions, so please leave a comment with a good suggestion for my summer reading! i really can't wait to start my list! i'm really looking forward to going to the library too!

so that is pretty much it. i'm still thinking a lot about post-graduation, but i think i will keep that to myself for a while. i probably won't update until i'm back home, and hopefully with something more interesting to talk about.

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