Monday, March 31, 2008

in which my life became complete.

so. on saturday night i met ira glass.

no big deal right? WRONG! its a very big deal! it was the best night of my life. i'm not going to go into detail because my good friend jess (who was with me and shares my obsession with This American Life and Mr. Glass) wrote a really great blog about it. the link to her blog is over on the left, i suggest you read that post because it really sums up the night. i will, however, comment on meeting him. he was sooooo nice, even when we were going all fan-girl on him. he was a complete gentleman, and was so nice when jess was trying to get a clear picture of us. the absolute BEST part is when after the first or second try he LOOKED DOWN AT ME AND LAUGHED! AND I LAUGHED TOO! it is a moment i will never forget. he signed my book that i bought, that i was planning on getting this summer, The New Kings of Nonfiction. he does the introduction and its a collection of non-fiction stories. also, its for charity, 826CHI, which is a literacy program in Chicago. i'm copying jess and posting a pic of my signed book:

and here's the final picture of me and ira:

it was a really good night. the actual program was amazing as well, he talked about radio and it was just perfect. i love radio a lot, and especially this show. i suggest you listen to it if you have not already.

pretty much nothing will ever get jess and i down ever again. we just have to think about the best night ever. haha.

anyway, this week looks pretty good, although i do have a chem exam on friday. but rachel is coming up to visit me! i'm so excited! today was pretty crappy though, it basically rained all day.

i also got new glasses. they are purple and i like them a lot. here is what i look like now:

so yeah, that is my wonderful life as of right now. what makes it even more wonderful is that there is only 30 days left of this semester! woooo! that makes me quite happy. that is all i have to share! have a good week everybody!

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