Saturday, March 08, 2008

40 shillings for your melon, oh yeah.

soooo, there is not much to update. spring break is almost at its end, which i am pretty sad about. i've gotten quite used to filling my days with whatever i fancy. it makes me want summer even more. knowing i have to go back to my dorm room, and actually go to class and take exams makes me kind of anxious. i always think that everything is going to be worse than it is. and it usually turns out not so bad. but gah, i hate that anxiety about stuff.

i drove back up to E.L. on monday night, after worrying all day about where i was going to park my car. it was really messed up because they don't have the buses running. and parking regulations were still in effect, meaning i couldn't park in front of my dorm without a permit. also i couldn't park in the commuter lot where i usually park because its miles away and i would have no way to get back. so it was pretty dumb. i ended up just parking on a near by street for tuesday and leaving early on wednesday. working was a waste of my life, i saw two people during my first shift and NO ONE during my second shift. luckily our sups let those who were working over break watch movies during their shift, so thats what i did. i watched most of the second season of the US version of The Office.

it was kind of nice being in the dorm with no one else. it was nice and quiet and i didn't have to listen to the girl next door scream at her mother! so yeah that was nice.

anyway i came back home on wednesday and have been enjoying my time home even though its going too fast. i hung out with rachel last night for a bit at this coffee shop that neither of us had been to before. its called Dino's and its really nice (ali, its where Ali Baba's used to be if you didn't already know that). i think i like it better than Rocketstar now. Rocketstar has changed a lot and now it just seems to me a place to be seen and judged. Dino's seems like a place where all the people who used to hang out at Rocketstar, before all the high school kids invaded, go now or would go. now, Rocketstart hasn't necessarily changed for the bad, its just not where i would want to hang out anymore. i was talking about this with ali, who used to work there, and she made a good point in saying that its given all those high schoolers a place to go and hang out, which i totally agree with. but seeing as i am not in high school anymore, i feel that i should move on.

speaking of high school i went into my alma mater on thursday afternoon to visit my favorite teacher that i missed quite a lot it was really nice to see her. we chatted for a only a few minutes because it was parent-teacher conferences. but we made plans to have coffee tomorrow and i'm really excited. she did a lot for me during high school and shes an amazing teacher and now friend.

walking into my old school i got a little panicky. i think it was walking into a place where i spent 4 years of my life expecting it to be the same but knowing it was going to be different, there were kids everywhere that i had no clue who they were and that was weird. but walking in there makes me that much happier that i am no longer there. that i can walk out and not ever go back unless i really wanted to.

this is getting to be quite the long blog. i apologize if this is not interesting to you, i guess i lied when i said there wasn't much to update, haha. anyway i picked out some new eye glass frames today. they are purple and i like them a lot. my eyes were dilated and it felt pretty weird.

tonight i am hanging out with KT, we're going to go see The Other Boleyn Girl. i'm also going to show her the Mighty Boosh. i am vair excited to show her because i need more boosh fans in my life.

that is the end of this terribly long blog. goodday.

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Alison said...

i've heard of dino's. next time i'm in kzoo, i'll probably check it out.
i've now seriously converted cleo to the Church of Boosh. hahaha. he was singing "eels" today and going "Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

glad to see you're blogging again!