Wednesday, May 09, 2007

totally knitting related!

ok, so i felted my slippers! they turned out great! i can't wait to use them. here's some pictures:

last night i made a double pointed needle roll. i wanted to take my needles and stuff down to VA with me, but they were everywhere. so i made this to keep them all together. the poodle fabric is on the back, the plaid is on the inside, with the polka-dot fabric is the pocket. it was really easy, i just made it up as i went.

it works great for right now! i think i am going to practice sewing and make a more intricate one later. i'm excited! this time tomorrow i will be in DC with my sister! wooo!


Jessica said...

the slippers turned out fabulous! i love them! and the needle roll, too! woot!

Alison Kay said...

that is freaking CUTE!

Isabel Krueger said...

Your clogs are awesome! I love the colors! I made the same ones in purple not too long ago. Your needle roll is cool too. I really need to make myself one of those as well.