Wednesday, November 05, 2008

wow, two posts in a row! what?!

ok! i felt like blogging again. obviously this is going to be about last night.


that's seriously all i have to say. he did it, we did it. it is amazing. McCain's speech was amazing, like everyone is saying, gracious, humble, respectful. if only he would have run his campaign like this, last night would have been a lot better. i've always had respect for him, but it really wavered during the campaign. he sounded like the old McCain, the one before he got the nom. but anyway, after studying for a good chunk of yesterday i just decided to stop for the night and watch the returns. i was so surprised when they called it at 11 pm. and Obama's speech was amazing as well. i'm so proud of this country, despite the haters. the first black president. the shots of the celebrations around the world make me feel so good, i love that people of the world will like us again!

what's also amazing to me is all the hate from the non-Obama people. serious, serious hate. it's crazy. alison made a good point in saying that this always happens when a dem is president. i guess. but everyone needs to just shut their mouths and listen to Obama when he says that now is the time for unity, and they need to listen to their own freaking candidate when he says the same thing. UGH! they make me so mad, and are kinda ruining this for me. i know there are tons more people out there who like and support Obama, obviosuly, but still.

anyway, in good news, my physics exam this morning was surprisingly easy. well easier than the first one. i don't think i'm going to get 100%, but at least a 66%, and that's definitely an improvement. also, Alison and David decided today that they are going to come up for Thanksgiving! i was already looking forward to Thanksgiving for the food and time at home, but now its like x bajillion excitement.

ok, here is my 6 Quirky Things List
1. Following the sidewalk trend, i tend to try to walk equal number of steps between the cracks. like two or three steps between sidewalk squares.
2. My number 2 is the same as ali's. i have to check the lock at least once before i go to bed.
3. I can usually learn the jingles from TV ads after one or two viewings and so whenever they come on, and i'm alone, i sing along.
4. My room can be a mess until a certain point. my desk can have papers all over it and notebooks and books, but usually i can only stand it for a week to a week and a half, then i just have to straighten it up.
5. I usually wake up a couple times a night and check the time. i get paranoid that i will somehow miss my alarm, or it won't go off. it's very annoying.
6. Everytime i get on the internet i have to go through a certain order of the sites i visit daily. they are all on my bookmarks bar, but i don't go down the line, i just know what ones i go to and when.

whew. i'm not going to tag anyone because i can't really think of anyone to tag. ok, i'm tired and i'm going to watch some Gilmore Girls.

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