Tuesday, November 04, 2008


ok, ok. i know. i promised an update like...two months ago? sorry. i really am very busy. school is kicking my butt this semester and it's not fun. but i just had to update today to say:


yes! i voted in my very first, and very historical, presidential election. it was very exciting! i went to my voting place at 10:30 this morning and only stood in line for about 2 minutes. i was so proud to see Obama's name on the ballot and my completed arrow next to it. i was number 543, so that's over 500 people before noon! wow! after voting i went over to Krispy Kreme, for my free donut, then over to Starbucks for my free coffee! i love free stuff for being a good citizen and practicing my right to vote! hurrah!

today i have to study for a physics exam tomorrow. i studied for a total of 9 hours this weekend, so hopefully i will at least get a 60% on this test. physics is not my thing, and that is an understatement. oh well, this semester is almost over.

another exciting thing is that i'm starting this project on flickr called 365. it's where i take a picture of me or of something everyday for the next year. i really hope that i can keep up with it. i've seen a lot of really cool ones, and have been inspired. check out my very first picture:

if you want to see my 365 pictures, just go to my flickr and click on my 365 set.

alison, i know you tagged me for doing the quirky things list and i will do that next time i blog, which i promise will not be months from now. i have to go study and i have procrastinated enough! that is all!

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