Monday, February 25, 2008

a whole big post dedicated to knitting! imagine that!

so i do realize that this is supposed to be a knitting blog. well, you can see that it isn't really, its not a really a blog even. i feel ashamed to call this a blog compared to my sisters, and others that i have been reading lately. i mostly read knitting blogs, they are so pretty and the pictures are beautiful, something that i hope to have one day. one of the blogs that i love reading is Ysolda, her blog is so beautiful and her designs are even more so. she also cooks and bakes a lot of delicious looking things. i also just started reading Kuky Ideas, which is so cute, and she is so talented with knitting and sewing! her little girl is adorable and so are her drawings.

i have been inspired by these blogs to post some of my recent knitting projects. i always find myself starting projects on a whim and never finishing them. so the other night i didn't have anything to do and my knitting stuff was all unorganized. i decided to organize it all, finish the things i could and rip out the things i knew i would never finish, i felt very accomplished. here are some things i have finished, which isn't much. two hats and a pair of mary-jane slippers. now in my defense i have had a lot of school work and work and stuff, so yeah. anyway on to the pics.

This is the Thorpe hat by Kirsten Kapur. it was really nice to knit because it was top down, starting was a bit tricky, but once it got going it went really fast. it calls for a crochet border, and before friday night i was dumb when it came to crochet. my mom showed me how to do the border and it wasn't that hard! i really like the little touch the border adds to the hat. plus now i am hooked on crochet! hahahahaha, what a great pun.

i used Mmmmmalabrigo aka the best yarn in the world. i had like a blue, purpley colorway and a pretty grey colorway. I used size nines like the pattern called for, but my gauge was off so i just knit the large size and it turned out perfect. i love the little ties and the garter earflaps.

Next i made my second Earhart Aviator cap from Head Huggers. you can see my first one in my profile pic. for this one i used Lamb's Pride worsted in a maroon colorway. it turned out a little tighter than my other one, maybe i should block it to stretch it out a little.

i made simple mary-jane slippers from some scrap yarn i had. they're not that great so i'm not going to post a pic of them.
but i will post some WIPs (works in progress for you non-knitting folk)
first a cabled slipper sock made with Lamb's Pride worsted in hot pink. the pattern is from the book One Skein. i started it one night wanting something warm for my feet, someday i will finish. haha.

second is the Squirrel and Oak mittens from helloyarn. i got Knitpicks sport weight wool in squirrel heather and garnet heather. the gauge is off so i'm thinking of going up a size in needles. i'm not sure yet if i want to pull it out. we'll see.

i really love these mittens and it gets me started with some nice norwegian type fair isle. its special to me because i am norwegian, so i feel a connection.

i also started some thrummed mittens back in the fall, they are pretty cool. close to being done on the first one. i used Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in orange and roving that is maroonish/purpleish. i really like thrumming, and i think they will be very warm for next winter...if i finish them in time!

and last but not least my first crochet thing! i am planning on trying an amigurumi, which is a little knitted or crocheted doll. this is the start of the head. i'm using a G hook and the left over Malabrigo from the Thorpe hat. its not much, but its something!

ok, so that is alllll the knitting i have done in a while. whew.

this past weekend was my mom's birthday so i went home. it was really nice since i hadn't been home in a while. it was really great to hang out with my parents and brody dog. we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner and it was delicious! it was a good weekend. i am going home again this weekend for spring break, then back up on monday night to work all tuesday then back home wednesday morning to spend the rest of the week at home relaxing. i'm looking forward to it. here are two pictures i'm throwing in, one from the weekend, with me and brody, and proof that i love the hat my dad brought back from Canada.

the one with brody is so cute, i was laying on the floor with him and had my arm out holding the camera, and he rested his head on my arm. he usually looks away from the camera, but that night he was a ham. silly dog. thus ends the gigantic update post! now i will probably not post for a month! haha!

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Alison said...

i really like those orange/maroon gloves you have going!
love the canada hat, too :)