Friday, July 20, 2007


so i am VERY excited! tonight at midnight i will be recieving my copy of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. oh man. i haven't been too excited or even thought about it really because 1) i have none of my rabid HP fans with me, and 2) i want to be surprised, and free from too much speculation as to what happens. nobody at work really likes it, except my somewhat jerk of a boss Mr. Vann, which surprised me. we had a nice conversation about the book and the movie. it was cool.

anyway, our trip to MI was good. i had a lot of fun with everybody. it was a little hard to come back here. but i am also making really cool friends here, which i'm sure will be hard to leave as well. the train ride back was CRAZY! definitely not as enjoyable as the ride up. oh well, again something does not want us to go into DC!

i got the new white stripes album finally. i like it. they're probably one of my favorite bands. i just like jack white's voice and his guitar playing. haha.

um, so thats about it. i thought that i should update. theres not a whole lot of stuff going on, which is pretty good. i'm going to try to stay up as long as i can to read tonight, although i do work 2-10 tomorrow. oh well.


Lesalicious said...

Have a good Harry Potter read.
I came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I have a board and would like to invite you to the board. My board is called Crafty Chicks its for all kinds of hobbies. So check it out and hope to see you on the board if you have any questions. Lesalicious is my username.

Jessica said...

i really hope that you're finished with HP by now.

love the new white stripes brother and i often randomly shout/sing "coooooonnnnnnqueeessssttt!"