Sunday, March 18, 2007

spring break finally. and other rantings. (i.e. very long post)

ok, so for spring break my friend Mike and i went down to WIlliamsburg, VA to visit my sister and brother-in-law. weather was pretty bad when we were flying out, so our flights were delayed a bit. it was a bit hectic, and our luggage was lost, but overall it wasn't terrible.

so we flew into DC, and since our luggage was late, it kinda messed up our plans to explore DC a bit, but still it was good. Ali and David's friend Amanda came down from Philly to hang and we went to the Holocaust Museum. if you are in DC and can only see one thing, see this. probably the best museum i've been to.

we went back to the airport to get our luggage, and then began the long trek back to the 'Burg. we had a good time though, catching up and all that. we decided to stop at sonic on our way home for dinner, since us midwesterners had never been to one. honestly, it wasn't all that great. the drinks are the best things there. we basically collapsed after eating. plus i wasn't feeling very well.

the next day we went to a pancake house (one of the many in Williamsburg) and explored william and mary's campus and colonial williamsburg.

we had a lot of fun that day with amanda.

the rest of the week was spent shopping, going back to high school, and more shopping. it was really fun. the weather was pretty nice, 50s and sunny pretty much everyday. one of the best things we tried was Chik-fil-a. it a mostly southern chain, and they made the original chicken sandwich, with just a bun, chicken and two pickles. it is delicious, and they have waffle fries! best thing ever. oh! we also went to a chocolatier and had fondue! it was fab, but made us all (minus mike) a little sick. too sweet! but sooo worth it!

overall it was great to see my sister and brother, and spend time in VA. i can't wait for the summer now.

as for going back to school it was tough, because i am having serious issues with my roommate. she just doesn't think, and doesn't understand why i am the way i am. so she thinks that i am less than she is. whatever. i went home this weekend because her boyfriend and friend were coming up for the weekend to party it up. and i just did not want to be around when they are here. so i come back and my bed was all disheveled. meaning that someone had slept in it. i'm pretty mad, she didn't ask me if someone could use my bed, and plus it just makes me really uncomfortable to think that someone else slept in my bed. so when she gets back from whereever she is i am planning on asking her about it, which is pretty big for me because i am not confrontational. it really sucks, that all this is happening. but i am counting down the days til the end of the semester when i won't have to deal with her crap. i am dreaming about my single room more and more lately. END RANT.

anyway, i had a good weekend. my friend caity came home with me, and we watched a ton of movies. we went to see 300 on friday night. it was AMAZING! makes me re-think our "Sparty". such a good movie, but definitely not a family movie. but so well done, man oh man. we also watched The Departed, Thank You For Smoking, and The Science of Sleep. i really liked all of them. the departed was really great, and definitely deserved best pic. the science of sleep was wonderful, as crazy/silly/weird as it is. and thank you for smoking really makes you think about the politics of tobacco and everything else basically. it was nice just to sit and watch movies all weekend.

this week shouldn't be too bad, i have one exam on wednesday, but i don't think it will be bad. i'm going to caity's town this weekend for a play and then coming back here on saturday for a concert. it should be a good time. here's hoping. whew. very long post, hoped you liked it. haha.

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