Monday, February 26, 2007

a quick one before class.

man! almost spring break for me! i am soooo excited. it will be a great break from the monotony that is school. i had/have two exams this week. i had my first one at the ungodly hour of 6:45 am, chemistry! chemistry? at 6:45 in the morning? does not work. i have to take all my chem exams at that time because the usual exam is at 7:15 pm, and i have a class from 7-8:50 at night. so thats great. but i think the exam went well, and it seemed easier than i expected. my second exam is a zoology midterm. i got really behind on the reading, so i had to read a lot this weekend, and i still have a few chapters before wednesday to finish. but from what i've heard, a lot of the exam is common sense, and i went to all the classes. and i'm really interested in all of this, so its easier to remember. so i think i'll be ok.

knitting wise i am somewhat in a rut. i finished the loopy edge on my pinwheel sweater, and started a sleeve. it came out too small for me, but i'm going to give it to my mom. i really like it, but sleeves are always a pain. i am also looking for a pattern for felted clog slippers. i found a few that i could buy, but i'm still trying to find one that i like thats free. i have a bunch of yarn left over from that sweater, so i want to use it for the slippers. i might just have to get over myself and buy the pattern.

i have s&b tonight, but i dunno what i'm going to knit. i have limited amounts of yarn here at school, so that kinda sucks. i think that jess and i are going to go to the yarn store that is here. that will be cool. although very tempting, and we might even have to leave our wallets at home! ha! alright, off to class.

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